New Office Plant and Painted Pot


Last week, Micah brought home a new plant for his office and a cheap terra cotta pot. I’m a fan of the dull reddish hue of the iron oxide in terra cotta, but I’m also a fan of putting my mark on stuff that goes in Micah’s fancy, high-rise office. (I think I have office envy because I work underground in a 5-foot cube next to a fire hose.) So, with two coats of blue Krylon spray paint and some red and orange acrylics, I managed to whip up this damask-meets-ikat stylin’ pot.

The ‘Jade Jewel’ Dracaena Micah got is fond of humidity and well-drained soil and should make a great office plant in Atlanta. Plus, it’ll have a great view of the CNN Center and Georgia Dome from Micah’s desk. Now, I’m starting to envy the plant.