DoLeaf presents at Startup Riot 2010

Note: This is a bit of a deviation from our usual theme of gardening, so browse around if you’re looking for gardening tips or DoLeaf updates.

DoLeaf was proud to present at Startup Riot 2010, an Atlanta event for showcasing local entrepreneurs and businesses who are getting off the ground. It was a lot of fun, plus we met people from all these great companies:


CitiSync keeps you in sync with all the events and specials in your city making it easy to make plans with friends. They’re getting started in Florida and slowly branching their way out.

Learn it Live

Connect with top experts in many fields. Sid mentioned that perhaps in the future, DoLeaf sellers might want to list themselves as expert botanists on Learn it Live. An interesting idea…

Less Accounting

Dedicated to ending the tyranny of Quickbooks by making accounting simple. These guys were simply hilarious, and well deserving of the prize they won at the end of the day.


They’re trying to simplify social media analytics, which is a very hot area right now. They’re also part of Shotput Ventures, a local Atlanta incubator program.

Make Small Talk

Get a quick summary of a subject so you can have a watercooler talk about it. Makes perfect sense to me, since I never watched sports and could never be part of a conversation about “the Big Game.”

Mobilization Labs

Zach of Mobilization Labs was on hand to present about The Wildfire Platform. Wildfire allows you to manage and mobilize a disparate supporter base. A great example is managing a political campaign or a band’s fanbase.


Netparty hosts social networking events for young professionals. Network with other business professionals from your area in a local nightclub hotspot.


NinjaPost, a Shotput Ventures company, is aiming to drag forums and message boards out of the web antiquity bin. They feature real-time AJAX updating, Twitter and WordPress integration, and lots of customization.

oBo Games

With a couple iPhone apps released and a whole slew in development, these guys are looking to storm the App Store.

Rank ‘Em

Allows music enthusiasts to pick out and rank their favorite artists.


Savont aims to bring ROSCAs to social networks. Borrow from and lend to your friends using a simple, proven system.


Do you like how an online transaction results in a receipt being emailed to you? What if the same were true for transactions at brick & mortar stores? No more paper receipts to fumble with and lose. Instead, just check your email and it’s there. This was my favorite business idea of Startup Riot, and I can see retailers loving it.


The real estate world is a confusing one, and UVestor is looking to clean it up. Their system allows all parties in a real estate transaction to interact through a simple system, doing away with the spaghetti snarl of communication that accompanies real estate.

Viral Prints

Another simple-but-awesome idea, Viral Prints lets you get a YouTube star on a T-shirt. The video makers set up a store and upload the designs. Then, all they have to do is direct their fans to the store from their YouTube channel. Brilliant!

That’s It!

It was a great day, and I really enjoyed meeting everyone. I wish all the other companies the best of luck and look forward to hearing more about them in the future.

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