Cacti from Iowa — What Could Be Better?

One of my favorite DoLeaf tasks is buying plants from  sellers to test out the quality of their shipped plants. Often, I get a shrub for my own garden, but the January weather (and frozen soil) has pushed me to get more houseplants.  I must confess that Micah and Ryan are the houseplant experts on the DoLeaf team so most often my housplant purchases go to them or other indoor greenthumbs so the plants can actually live for more than a month. ( I’m around 0-10 on houseplants since I started gardening.)

But I think my luck’s going to change. I bought an assortment of cacti from DoLeaf’s latest seller Krieger Greenhouses of Jefferson, Iowa and received six super healthy plants. I’m up to my ears in cacti and succulents (in a good, not prickly way) and all of them are doing great. Here’s some pictures of the 2 lovely plantings I got from the $15.00 order.  (Micah’s taking care of one at DoLeaf headquarters, and I’ve got the other.)

Three lovely plants from Krieger Greenhouses.
The other three plants from Krieger's 6 cacti assortment.