Vertical Planter Art

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If you have a green thumb and you’re always looking for innovative ideas to jazz up your home, vertical planter art is a great way to go. It’s a versatile form of planting that can be used outdoors and indoors. It’s especially ideal for a home with limited space where you would like to enjoy the beauty of your favorite plants and herbs indoors.

It’s All About Thinking Outside the Box
When you immerse yourself in vertical planter art, you’ll find a new direction for creative expression. Imagine a picture frame that is filled with an assortment of colorful plants, creating a living portrait that can be kept in your home or outside, depending on your preferences and the availability of space. You can choose from an assortment of frames in various sizes. If you are planning on making your vertical planter art an outdoor centerpiece, you’ll want to opt for a larger frame that will really grab your attention. However, if your vertical planter art is going to be an indoor attraction, you may opt for a smaller frame. It all depends on your living space and what will work best for you.

How Does Vertical Planter Art Work?
Vertical planters consist of planter cells that are stacked on top of each other in a vertical direction. They can be placed within an outer frame for trim or stand alone. You’ll fill each cell with the plants and herbs of your choice, thinking about how they’ll complement each other to create an attractive combination. Once your plants grow, you’ll no longer see the planter itself. Living art will be hanging on your wall or be mounted in your garden and outdoor patio area. Planters are relatively inexpensive and allow you to get your creative juices flowing.

A Picture in Plants Can Speak Volumes

The more you experiment with vertical planters, the more artistic you can become. Create designs by arranging your plants in ideal locations, planning out your final outcome through your selection of colors. Think about what kind of plants work best and sketch out you concept before you actually begin planting. You can also want to opt for planters in different sizes to provide yourself with more flexibility. Imagine the potential for each room in your home. Vertical planters make an excellent gift as well, especially if you grow a picture first.

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