Interview with AskGarden

Ask Garden

Apparently DoLeaf is making waves across the Atlantic and striking a chord with our fellow gardeners in Great Britain. Sarah had a chance to speak with Josh of AskGarden about the germination of DoLeaf and what our growth plans are. The obvious question, considering where Josh is based: Would DoLeaf consider expanding to include other countries besides the United States?

Well, we’d love to, but we’re still trying to navigate the byzantine laws and issues with shipping live plants inside the same country. International shipments are an order of magnitude more difficult. Still, one possibility would be for British nurseries to get involved and sell their plants within their own borders. We’d have to see about any currency conversion issues involved with our Amazon Payments backend system, plus upgrade some of our US-only shipping controls, but it’s not totally out of the question. We just need a brave British nursery to help us blaze a trail. If you are or know of such a nursery, please contact us.

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