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Urban Gardens

We got a nice write up today, over on Urban Gardens. The highlight for me (besides being credited with the idea, when it was actually Sarah’s…) was this quote:

DoLeaf enables the urban gardener, who may live far from the farms, to get out of the big box stores and stay connected to the land by supporting smaller independent retailers and family-owned establishments such as Krieger’s, run by Andy Krieger; The Wilham’s farm, run by the Wilham’s family; and Green Sunshine, run by Hedy and her nephew.

It’s really a pleasure for us on the DoLeaf team to work with passionate small business owners. Family owner/operator nurseries have been a tradition in the United States for many years, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Thanks to Urban Gardens for the write-up!

2 thoughts on “DoLeaf reviewed on Urban Gardens”

  1. Robin, hopefully it was clear I was just kidding. If we spent time squabbling about who gets credit for what then we’d never get anything done. It’s a team effort and we fail or succeed together.

    We loved the article 🙂

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