DoLeaf gets reviewed by Life on the Balcony

We here at DoLeaf have been huge fans of Fern Richardson and her Life on the  Balcony blog for the past months. Fern offers fantasctic tips and design suggestions for everyday container gardening that anyone can do. Plus her posts really can help young gardeners with limited spaces and budgets. Ryan, Micah and I have all tried our greenthumbs at apartment container gardening over the past decade with varying results.

You can imagine how thrilled and surprised we were when Fern became interested in DoLeaf and posted a review, calling it “A great way to find more interesting plants” and saying how impressed she was with the size of the plants DoLeaf ships.

Thanks Fern for trying out DoLeaf and taking some of DoLeaf’s over 400 mailorder plants into your container garden. She got a Ruby Ficus shipped to her from Studley’s and was quite pleased with the large size and unique leaf color. As the happy owner of a pair of Ruby Rubber Plants myself, I can understand why. Check out her post to see snapshots of her other DoLeaf plants.

To keep up with Fern and learn more about how to garden in your condo,  apartment, dormroom, or house, check out her blog, Facebook page, or Twitter profile.

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