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Pennsylvania Pride, an extraordinarily unique farm near Leesport, PA, provides a unique selection of over 200 trees including dogwoods, willows, cedars, and cypress. Also, they really stand by their trees, producing healthy plants and a wealth of knowledge fit for any gardener or landscaper. We’ve been enamored with their Japanese Dogwood, Niobe Gold Weeping Willow, and Dawn Redwood. We found that their story is every bit as unique as their selection. Here’s more about Pennsylvania Pride.

1) What makes Pennsylvania Pride worth checking out?
Pennsylvania Pride is unique because through this premier brand we are now able to take the trees we grow directly to the homeowner. Pennsylvania Pride also provides assistance for years to come through our grower team on the nursery. We are able to offer advice and tips for all those who choose the brand through our support website In addition, Pennsylvania Pride grows over 200 types of trees. We will be making more and more trees available as the season goes so it is definitely worth checking out regularly.

2) When did you start Pennsylvania Pride and why?
We started the Pennsylvania Pride brand in 1995 when we realized we needed to have the ability to get in touch with the homeowner. We needed to find a way to differentiate our trees from other generic growers for the benefit of our customers. All growers are not the same and all methods of growing are not the same. Our production methods are focused on growing trees that perform vigorously, not just survive. We understand the pain in failure for our customers and we work hard to avoid any plant loss. We also believe more trees are needed and with Pennsylvania Pride we can promote the benefits of trees.

Leesport's own Pennsylvania Pride farm.

3) You have a great selection of dogwoods. Why did you decide to start growing dogwoods and how many varieties do you grow?
Besides Dogwood being one of our favorite trees it is also one of the best well-known trees that does so much for the home landscape. We wanted to produce a ‘northern’ grown Dogwood that was suited to the northern climates planting season. Our nursery is about as far north as you can be to grow Dogwood successfully. We currently grow twelve selections and are testing three or four more at any one time. Our production is limited on this difficult crop but we expect to add more selections going forward.

4) Personally, what is your favorite tree that Pennsylvania Pride grows?

Wow, that’s a tough question! We love trees, all kinds and we see the value in all. There just isn’t a bad tree when grown well and planted well. If we have to choose….Redbud, a native tree that is one of the earliest flowering trees in spring. We grow five selections of redbud and hope to have these available soon. Redbuds can be grown successfully in almost any condition and they perform very well. They range from purple-leafed types, Purple, Pink and White flowered selections and weeping forms.

5) Are their any trees that you’ve grown that have surprised you, either with their foliage or their hardiness?
You know we have been surprised by Cryptomeria ‘Yoshino’, what a beautiful underused evergreen tree. Fast growing, clean and beautiful foliage. We cannot believe it is not used more, the tree just isn’t that well known, even by Garden Centers. Yoshino Cryptomeria is a great replacement for traditional overbearing evergreens and is much more suited to the smaller yard. If you have a spot, plant one of these. I love mine at home and out of the 120 different trees I have in my yard. It is my favorite!

6) Do you have advice for the gardeners out there who would like to get a dogwood but don’t know where to start?
Listen, Dogwoods are traditionally hard to get going. They are slow growers and can struggle in the first couple of years. Pennsylvania Pride specializes in Dogwood and for us to be successful, our customers have to be successful so all we do is focused on the success of our trees. Our trees are container grown and well rooted, thus avoiding the burden of field harvest and reducing almost totally the transplant shock. Not only that, but because we grow in containers you can expect real growth in the first year and we can almost guarantee blooms in the second year!

7) Are there any new tree species, varieties or cultivars that we should keep an eye out for at your farm?
I am excited about this question! We recently have applied for patent on ‘Pink Heartbreaker’ Weeping Redbud and we expect to be able to make available very soon to all!. This unique weeping form of Redbud was discovered on the nursery in 2002 and has proven to be a great tree. We are currently granting licenses to grow this tree around the world!

Other new selections we are growing include specialty type evergreens in
weeping forms and many underused trees for the home like Frankinia, Stewartia and some really cool variegated Sweetgums. While we have a limited offering today, we will be adding to our list on a regular basis. Not all Trees are available for shipping at all times so our product list will be changing monthly anyway.

Pennsylvania Pride is always worth coming back to. The farm has an ever-growing and changing selection of great trees that will bring rare and unique specimens to your region and your yard!

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