Inside DoLeaf: Now With More Plants

The DoLeaf team spends a lot of time doing two things: working on DoLeaf and working with plants. Since it’s the middle of winter all our backyards are pretty neglected, but our indoor plantings are going strong. Ryan’s Kansas City office looks like a Midwest jungle after he brought in his container plants for winter and added a banana tree, and Micah and my office is getting greener and greener with each DoLeaf purchase.

In December I bought two ruby rubber trees from Studley’s to give as a Christmas present. My laziness and the giftee’s home renovation left me with the two plants, which was fine with Micah, a lover of all things ficus. So, three weeks after arriving at our door, I give you our new rubber trees. Micah potted each and put them on our desks. They work pretty well with the 1920s inspired decor.

Side by Side: Micah's desk (right), Sarah's desk (left)

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