Plants at the Front Door: Blue Star Variegated Junipers


Last week we ordered and received two Blue Star variegated junipers. They came via USPS and were sitting at the front door when I got home from work. Both junipers were carefully packed in an 11-by-13 inch flat rate Priority Mail cardboard box. (They can be ordered in bulk at the USPS store ) Each juniper was well-watered with the roots wrapped in plastic. We unpacked them, but haven’t planted them yet (a bit lazy, I know.) But, they’re doing great and seem much happier than the junipers we checked out at the big-box garden center down the road.

“Ship Better” Tip: Send information about the plant.

One item was useful was Bannister Creek‘s  printout detailing information and growing instructions for the purchased plant(s). A plant description can be just a one-page plant biography that includes information about the plant, growth rate, growing conditions, and how it was taken care of before shipping, (For example: was the plant watered? What kind of soil is it in?)  Even if it’s little more than the description you’ve provided online, it can be helpful to forgetful gardeners to recall planting conditions while serving as additional promotion for  your nursery. (Bannister Creek went above-and-beyond, even suggesting we wait a bit to plant because of our area’s hot, dry conditions.)

The plant biography also serves as a product of your great customer service. Since you won’t be able to talk to your online customers face-to-face, pack your plants with useful tips and materials for them to refer to later. This will help promote your store’s customer service, establish you as a garden expert, and encourage repeat buyers.

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