Featured Flora Friday: Blue Ivory Hosta

Each Friday, we focus on one plant and explain where it grows, what makes it great, and why you should check it out. We’ll also offer up a few suggestions for nurseries and gardeners centers interested in adding it to their catalog.

Blue Ivory Hosta

A sport of halcyon, this creamy-white hosta is a beautiful complement to the Ghost Fern and offers a striking contrast against a Red Lady Fern. As a medium-sized hosta, the Blue Ivory is perfect for shipping but still remains a great speciman due to its striking variegation. Eastern Iowa’s In The Country Garden and Gifts carried this hosta in 2009, but it quickly sold out. Nature Hills also sold out of the Blue Ivory this past season.

New hostas like the Blue Ivory are great for small nurseries interested in shipping plants. Not only do they require the same shipping packaging as  any medium-sized hosta, but hosta enthusiasts (like me) tend to have major difficulty finding them, especially when the trend is giant hostas like the Empress Wu.

Small (and medium) hostas can be great sellers. Check out the newest drawf, small, and medium hostas. A plant like the tiny Dragon’s Tail can be just as pricey as a Big Daddy, but easier to deliver. So, think small  and list unique hostas with great features other than their size.

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