Plants at the Front Door: Weber’s Blue Agave


One of the first plants we purchased from DoLeaf was the Weber’s Blue Agave. This gave has a beautiful blue hue and is a very easy grower in zones 9 and up. It’s drought-tolerant (so it’s suitable for xeriscaping) and the agave’s bloom can be attractive to bees and butterflies. The plant grows best in the Southwest, but can also work as a container plant with succulents.

Many of these plant factoids came with the shipped plants we bought a few weeks ago from Ohiotraders Botanicals. In addition to giving great information about the Agave, the plant information explained that our plants were shipped bareroot, and it gave us clear planting instructions. The packing slip also noted that the plant’s fleshy leaves may have been bumped around during shipping before assuring us that plants would be fine once planted.

The seller was absolutely right! We planted our three agaves and they’re all putting out new leaves just a few weeks after planting.

“Ship Better” Tip: Tell your buyer what to expect as they unpack their plant.

Take whatever precaution you can when shipping your plants that it will arrive safe and healthy, but it’s also OK to acknowledge that sometimes shipping mishaps happen. Every plant we’ve ordered online over the years is alive and well, but a couple didn’t look perfect right after we opened the box. Offering a money-back guarantee is one way of making your buyer’s feel comfortable, but another is establishing yourself as a serial shipper. This means being ready to answer questions about a plant’s appearance post-shipment even before those questions are asked.

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